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The Association

The German Competence Centre against Cyber Crime (G4C) is an independent, operational association which functions as a know-how owner, early warning system and information platform within the network of initiatives against cyber crime in Germany.

The principal difference between G4C and existing networks and alliances is the close, day-to-day exchange of information between the cooperative partners and the members of the Centre. To this end, the members of the Centre and the partners work together "under one roof".

G4C operates efficiently, because it forms a strategic alliance of partners from different areas of cyber crime prevention. In this way knowledge, competency and experience are combined and made available for practical use by all members and partners.

What we do

G4C has established a reputation for itself as a farsighted, pioneering association offering practical support and assistance. It exchanges information and experience about different aspects of cyber crime with its clients and on this basis develops methods, solutions and recommendations designed to counteract computer-related crime. Through the institutionalised exchange and analysis of information and knowledge about patterns of cyber crime, the Centre achieves new standards of quality in the battle to ward off future threats.

Using suitable, selected case studies relating to cyber attacks, the Centre helps its members to inform their clients and interest groups about possible means of protecting themselves and to adopt an objective approach to the issue of cyber crime.

Ultimately, the work of the Centre serves to safeguard its members – and in particular their clients – against possible damage arising from cyber crime, with the primary focus on fraud in connection with online banking, internet payment transactions, and the use of payment cards and self-service devices.

What we don't do

G4C provides a new-style, operational centre in which members can exchange information in close collaboration with the German Federal Police Office (BKA) and can develop measures aimed at ensuring protection against cyber crime.

This is therefore a valuable addition to the initiatives undertaken in the network. The Centre does not compete with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The Centre is not an information platform for the general public, nor does it supply private persons with guidelines about protection against cyber crime. However, the general public does benefit from the work of the Centre, because the companies and organisations involved protect their clients by means of an improved exchange of information and can thus combat the phenomenon of cyber crime.